The world has enough Superheroes.
Investigative journalist Eddie Brock attempts a comeback following a scandal, but accidentally becomes the host of Venom, a violent, super powerful alien symbiote. Soon, he must rely on his newfound powers to protect the world from a shadowy organization looking for a symbiote of their own.
Title Venom
Release Date 2018-09-28
Genres Science Fiction Action
Production Companies Avi Arad Productions, Matt Tolmach Productions, Pascal Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, Tencent Pictures
Production Countries China, United States of America


I honestly don't know what everyone's talking about, _Venom_ is **fine**! I mean... It's not great. There were a few moments I found myself thinking "This bit's pretty bad, why did they do this?" and a lot of moments I found myself thinking "This bit's pretty good, but they still probably should have just made a **real** _Venom_ movie with Marvel." But it's fine. The absolute best parts are the interactions taking place within Venom himself (between Brock and the Symbiote) and the movie would have been a lot worse if Tom Hardy wasn't capable of pulling that off. Look, a _Venom_ movie probably should have been rated R, and it probably should have taken more notes from current superhero movies than superhero movies from fifteen years ago, but I still had a good time with _Venom_, maybe it's not the best possible version of the story, but I'm still glad we have this one. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._
Venom is a great comic adaptation. I really like what they did with the character and the story. I thought the film was done well. The special effects are pretty good. I thought the characters were cast well, and overall I just enjoyed it. The film is pretty dark and violent despite the PG-13 rating. It didn't have a lot of blood, but there was a bit here and there. Characters are mostly tossed around and beaten, but a lot of them are not shown dead. That being said, some characters are still killed on screen. People are experimented on. A few people are slashed and stabbed. Guns are used, but not frequently. It definitely pushed the PG-13 as far as it could. There is a lot of language throughout, including an f-bomb. There is also a lot of drinking. I definitely recommend this movie. I think it is better suited for teens and up, but older kids that can handle strong violence may be okay.
I very much like it if you ask me (;
Venom - **SPOILERS** 4/10 There seems to be quite a bit of agreement on what Im about to say about the film. Venom doesnt quite know what it is. It cant decide wether its a goofy, action or a horror movie. Therefore its all of it and none at the same time. The goofy jokes are pretty lame, which is why they are funny, you dont laugh with the writers, you laugh at them. The action scenes are meh at best, car chase : check motorcycle : check ridiculous (bad) cgi fight: check sure, watching Tom Hardy motorcross in San Francisco is quite fun, but its not really action. Finally, the horror; there are glimpses, glimmers of hope scattered around this movie. Little snippets of what could have been, but as soon as they appear they disappear. Two scenes really stood out to me due to their potential. After quite a lot of buildup of Venom getting into the building (BY RUNNING UP IT), Eddie decides to take the lift down. Instead of having Eddie walk into the SWAT team, they should have been swarming the building crawling through the floors looking for him. Then, they could have had an ALIEN like hunting scene where Venom slowly takes out the task force one by one, in true horror movie fashion. The other obvious horror scene could have been using the creepy little girl that delivers RIOT to the Musk wannabe, they could have homaged The Shining, they could have pulled an exorcist, they could have done a million things, but the little girl just has white pupils and a deep voice. Throughout the movie there are just continuous disappointments because you see what it is missing. Instead of the cheap love story and all the stupid overdone things they should have been ballsy with their movie. Yes the movie DID make 800+ million, however im sure it was going to do that anyway. Venom is probably one of the most badass characters in comic history, and Tom Hardy is Tom Hardy. I would have loved to see something along these lines: Symbiote hunts Eddie. Symbiote captures Eddie and they become Venom. Venom starts unleashing hell because he can, hunts SWAT etc. Venom goes after Musk wannabe and Kills him. Throw some more horror elements in there, and it would have made for a much more satisfactory watch. I have always adored Venom, and this movie had so much potential, but it was all for nothing. No rewatchability. Nothing worth remembering. Just a flick. It was funny seeing Tom Hardy being a bit of a pussball, but even he cant help a crap script and an even worse film.

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